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Is this you?

  • You’re suffering with digestive issues or autoimmunity


  • And they’re disrupting your life – your health, your job, your relationships, and your purpose.


  • You’re uncertain, and a little scared, about what your future is going to look like if you don’t get these issues taken care of correctly.


  • You’re confused about what the right thing to do is.


  • And you’re looking for an expert to help you!


I offer expert education, guidance and support for people who are ready to recover their health.




Gain Clarity

Clear the confusion and KNOW what you need to do to get BETTER.

From the real experts

Feel Confident

With GUIDANCE and SUPPORT, feel confident again about your health and your future.

Live Your Dream

Feel Good

Transform from SICK to HEALTHY to THRIVING.

Digestive Issues & Autoimmunity Stink!

How much time are you wasting searching for answers?

My average client has spent dozens to hundreds of hours – often staying up late into the night – reading blogs, listening to podcasts, and talking with different doctors searching for the right path.

Are you frustrated and confused because you don’t have the right people guiding you?

Many of my clients have seen doctors before who promised them success, but then failed because they didn’t have a proven process to help them.

Are you feeling isolated and alone?

That’s normal and common.  These aren’t issues you talk about with your friends over coffee!

How many opportunities are you missing because of these issues?

Not being the parent or partner you want to be.  Losing friendships.  Falling behind at work.  I hear these stories all the time!

Not reaching your potential and living the life you want.

These issues just get worse over time if they’re not handled properly – leading to a smaller and less fulfilling future!

But my clients…

Get their time back

Instead of having to search for answers themselves, they receive the EDUCATION they need to get and stay healthy.




Breathe a sigh of relief

Because they have expertise and a proven process on their side.


Know they’re doing it right

With GUIDANCE and SUPPORT they’re able to reach their goals and live the life they want!

I Know What It Feels Like To Suffer With Digestive Issues and Autoimmunity

And I Know How to Help!

Here are a few examples of issues and people I’ve helped:

With Digestive Issues:

Jessica had pain in her guts that made it hard to eat, she’d lost a ton of weight, and she felt sick and terrible most of the time.  Today Jessica is a vibrant, healthy person, and is back to living her life.

Leann was devastated that she was missing out on those special moments with her kids because she was chained to the toilet.  Today she is back to being the mother she wants to be, and spending time with her family.

With Autoimmunity:

Tejal was worried she was going to have to spend the rest of her life and $1000’s per month on drugs that increased her risk of cancer.  Today Tejal has been able to safely reduce her medications, and is healthier.  Her life has become bigger and better, and she feels in control for the first time in years.

Sandy was freaked out by seeing blood in the toilet and scared about what her future was going to look like.  Today Sandy is no longer that sick, scared person, but a vibrant, happy, and healthy person who got her life back.

Mirna had been hospitalized with Ulcerative Colitis and told the only option was to have her colon surgically cut out.

Listen to how she’s happy, healthy, and thriving today (with her colon intact).


If you’ve got one or more of these problems are you’re worried about it, I know what you’re going through and how to help you.

I’ve been helping people with digestive issues and autoimmunity for over a decade to regain their health, recover their peace of mind, and go on to live bigger and better lives!



I had to personally consider the price and whether to commit to a monthly financial investment.


“I never had any doubts that this was the right path for me, I only wished I lived in USA so I could visit in person.

The benefits have been a hundred fold for me. Someone that listens, treats me with respect as an individual. Someone who knows about the holistic approach, and never gives up trying with me even though I am difficult at times !!! LOL

I enjoy my sessions with Dr. Gerstmar, he knows me as a person and is always interested in my life, etc.

His knowledge of what helps, and if it doesn’t work, he knows how to go a different way until we find the right route. He never gives up and is always very positive, about even the smallest achievements/results.

I would recommend Dr. Gerstmar. I have already mentioned him to a couple of people that are having problems. I wish he would come and chat to our consultants in the UK and give them a kick where needed.

I am glad I found Dr. Gerstmar, although my journey is slow, I knew it would be, he doesn’t give up trying to help and encouraging me.”

Gail H



The main obstacle for me to start working with Dr. Gerstmar was, “Will This Work?”


“The main obstacle for me to start working with Dr. Gerstmar was, “Will This Work?”. I have had Crohn’s disease for 25 years or so, and nothing seemed to work.

I had tried so many different things including countless supplements, foods/diets, books, “regular” doctors, and none of them were giving me the results I was looking for.

I followed Dr. Gerstmar for quite some time via social media, his information emails & videos he puts out before contacting him. I was able to get a good feel for who he was and his experience, before reaching out to him, and could tell he had some hardcore passion for helping people and getting to know their entire situation, not just treating the specific issue.

When I came to Dr. Gerstmar, I was feeling hopeless as I had tried so many different things that didn’t work, but it was immediately obvious he was dedicated to his passion for helping people along with being such a positive and uplifting person.

We started in right away addressing my whole body health, not just the specific issue.

I noticed changes immediately and knew we were on to something.

I also understood that change takes time and work, and I would have to change things that aren’t easy to change, diet being one of them. I was willing to put in the work as I was sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Over time, we made many adjustments to figure out what works best for me, as different things work for different people and there is “No Magic Pill”. Specific issues we addressed included: loose stools, gut pain, bloating, fatigue, low energy, stress, and anxiety.

Dr. Gerstmar is always so positive, cheerful, and confidence instilling. He gives you hope and results when you are feeling down, discouraged, and like nothing will work.

His experience and research really come into play as well. He stays current on any new treatment options that become available and doesn’t count anything immediately out. He also holds you accountable as there is work involved in regaining one’s health.

If you are having health issues, I would highly recommend talking with Dr. Gerstmar. He will listen to you about your health issues and determine if he can help you. It’s nothing like working with a regular doctor as he gets an understanding and treats your entire well being, not just the specific symptom. He is great to talk to with a fun personality!”

Jon. S



Before I went to see Dr. Gerstmar, I was very reluctant to see a Naturopath



“Before I went to see Dr. Gerstmar, I was very reluctant to see a Naturopath and had a lot of preconceived ideas about the kind of advice I’d receive.

But I was so relieved once I met Dr. Gerstmar – he made me feel comfortable right away, and was very thorough, taking the time to ask more detailed questions (yielding better answers).

He studied my situation carefully, and took the time to get to know me and my situation so I was more confident in his guidance and suggestions.

I would enthusiastically recommend Dr. Gerstmar’s personalized approach to anyone who wants to understand the root cause of their health concerns and achieve better results for the long term.”

Jean A


Are You Ready to Feel Better?

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Succeed!  Feel clear, confident, and good.  Get your time back, breathe a sigh of relief, and know you’re doing it right!


I Know You

  • I know you don’t settle for mediocre.  You are the kind of person who invests in their health, who seeks out experts, and who wants the best in life.


  • Right now digestive issues or autoimmunity are disrupting your life and holding you back, which makes you feel frustrated, scared about your future, and that life is starting to slip by without you.


  • You need a holistic specialist on your side who knows how to help you.


  • I believe that it’s wrong that anyone has to miss out on life, or making their mark on the world, because of digestive issues or autoimmunity.


  • I understand that pain that you’re going through.  That’s why for more than a decade I’ve been coaching and helping people with digestive issues and autoimmunity to go from sick to healthy to thriving.


Here’s how it works.  First you put in an application to work with me.  Second we schedule a time to talk to make sure we’re the right fit for each other.  Then we will discuss our exclusive Sick to Thriving process to make sure that it’s the best choice to recover your health and reach your goals.  And you’ll begin getting results!

Click on the Apply for Help button below to set up a time to apply and talk with Dr. Gerstmar.

So you can stop suffering, and start thriving!


The Sick to Thriving (StT) Process

Aspire Method

Aspire Method

Our exclusive 11 step process to deal with the root causes of digestive issues & autoimmunity and move you from SICK to HEALTHY to THRIVING.

Success Triad

Education, Guidance, and Support to ensure your success

Individualized care and attention

Individualized Care & Attention

Your plan is tailored to your needs and situation, so you hit your goals.

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More Success Stories from People Dr. Gerstmar has helped:


“I wondered if it was all legit since it was so different from the traditional medical community.”

When my son Adam was diagnosed with UC I began searching for options to help him.

We had never been to a naturopath before and had heard both good and not so good things, so we were unsure what to expect. 

The greatest benefit of working with Dr. Gerstmar was the opportunity for extended communication. 

Both my son and I felt like he listened and explained things well. He truly seemed to care, and the initial plan he suggested made a difference in Adam’s symptoms and he felt better. 

Dr. Gerstmar’s experience with others with similar issues, listening, and clear communication helped lessen the stress in dealing with a new diagnosis. 

He was open to all ideas and information. Dr. Gerstmar did not say that all traditional medicine was useless and supported us in our goal to use an integrated plan. He listened to and understood our concerns and openly discussed the weaknesses and the strengths of different options. 

Dr. Gerstmar did not make promises about quick results and easy solutions, but did offer hope about feeling better and being able to manage the disease. 

Would you recommend working with Dr. Gerstmar to other people? 


Both Adam and I think most people with chronic illnesses/conditions could benefit from the kind of holistic approach that Dr. Gerstmar uses. He has an excellent manner of developing rapport and is open-minded and non-judgmental. He has a strong knowledge base, uses available information (including the tests we had done), and explained what and why he suggested something. 

There’s much we’ve learned in the past year that wouldn’t have happened without our sessions with Dr. Gerstmar. He has been a trusted figure whose opinion was highly valued. He provided a balanced viewpoint that was much appreciated. Thank you!

Karen & Adam


“I’m old school and not being able to visit with Dr. Gerstmar and be face to face, but have virtual visits, was somewhat of an obstacle for me.”


At first I wasn’t sure of the holistic approach. I felt that this was my last option, but now I feel it is the only way to go and it was the best decision I have ever made in my life.

I was at a point that I felt like I was not long for this earth. I was having to take more and more drugs to be able to just function day to day.

I’m old school and not being able to visit with Dr. Gerstmar and be face to face, but have virtual visits was somewhat of an obstacle for me. But, honestly, it’s been great!

Dr. Gerstmar is VERY knowledgeable and he has different ways of approaching the same thing to see what works.

He was willing to spend the time, and to do what needed to be done to try to get to the best conclusion.

His suggestions to have the right testing done and then spending the time that was needed to explain it to me was unbelievably helpful and refreshing. No Dr. had ever spent that kind of time helping and explaining things to me.


Here are a few things I liked about working with Dr. Gerstmar

1) He was VERY informative and open to all questions and willing to spend the time to help find what works.

2) He was reassuring all thru the process and care.

3) He was very flexible and accommodating.


Would you recommend working with Dr. Gerstmar to other people? If so, why?

Absolutely! He helps people help themselves for a lifelong ability to live a life that is totally fulfilling if they chose. He gives them the tools to help them for the rest of their life, just like he gave me.

Dr. Gerstmar helped give me a life that I thought that I would never have again. I don’t just function day to day, I ENJOY my life and look forward to what the future has for me and my family. That is something that is hard to put into words.

John K.


“I had to independently assess whether Dr. Gerstmar was the right person to work with.”

I usually select my doctors based on referrals from a relative in India, who is an eminent doctor himself.  His recommendations have been spot on and helped me work with the best doctors in my city.  I had to adopt a different approach.  I had to independently assess whether Dr. Gerstmar was the right person to work with.  I read his book on Kindle, liked what I read and decided to engage with him.  Never really worried about the big time difference between India sad the US West Coast.  This is a minor inconvenience.

What benefits did you see from working with Dr. Gerstmar?

An improvement in my condition (digestive issues) . A holistic ‘teach to fish’ approach. Starting meditation to de-stress etc. It isn’t just the usual pop these pills and I’ll see you after 3 months kind of care.

Dr. Gerstmar is a very good listener who puts me at ease . It’s then very easy to discuss my health issues and be much more receptive to remediation measures suggested by him.

Dr. Gerstmar is open to answering my health questions, even if not related to my core digestive issues. He takes the effort to help identify the right supplements in my country of residence by checking websites specific to my country of residence. I find this most helpful. His meeting notes are comprehensive and reach me within hours of our meeting.

Would you recommend working with me to other people?  If so, why?

Absolutely . He gets results, is a good listener and addresses health holistically to ensure lasting sustainable benefits .

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

It’s great that Dr. Gerstmar is open to working with international patients.

My only regret is not buying Zoom stock after learning about/experiencing the product for the first time , working with him.    

Sai K.


When we contacted Dr.G, my daughter Ella (14 at the time), had been dealing with horrible GI issues for over a year. She had lost 15 lbs, had to stop playing sports and basically was in bed sick all day every day. We had been to specialists and childrens hospitals and tried every prescription known to man. Dr G came highly recommended from a friend who had an extreme case of ulcerative colitis that went into remission because of Dr G’s help.


The very first time we met with Dr G I knew we were in the right place. For the first time in over a year I felt like we were truly heard. He asked detailed questions and took the time to stay with us until we came up with a plan of action. Over the course of months we began to see Ella gradually improve. She has gained her weight back and now is able to eat normally and sleep at night without stomach pain, nausea and acid reflux. We have seen her go from complete misery day and night to laughing and looking like her old self again. We are so grateful and blessed to have found Dr. G and we would highly recommended him.

Kelly Chandler


“Making the commitment to work with Dr. Gerstmar was a huge sacrifice for my husband and I, but my health was the priority.”

I had been on a holistic journey for about 20 years before I started working with Dr. G, and I had been following him for about 7 years before I made the jump, so the only thing that really made the decision hard was the cost. And not just the cost per session, but committing to 6 months at that cost, etc. It was a huge sacrifice for my husband and I, but my health was the priority.


I was pretty well versed in UC (Ulcerative Colitis) and holistic treatments by this time, but Dr. G introduced me to new supplements and new dosages of supplements that made a noticeable impact not just in the direct UC symptoms, but also the peripherals ones that were really getting me down like overwhelming fatigue.


He suggested a battery of tests – they were expensive but these gave us the answers to pinpoint likely causes of my symptoms and showed, among other things, where I was deficient in vitamins/minerals that supplementation could support.


I saw improvement not just physically, but it also had an impact on my lifestyle and mental health (I’m prone to stress both personality and job wise) and one of the best things I implemented was a simple morning routine that set the tone for the day ahead and this is something I’ll take with me long after the UC goes into remission.


I appreciated Dr. G’s clear expertise in holistic treatment of UC – it always felt like he had been there, done that with someone else so he always had a recommendation or solution that had an impact.


Another thing I really liked was that Dr. G wasn’t averse to allopathic medicine if that needed to be an option (I was in a flare and on steroids when we started together and my gastro docs were pushing Azathioprine as a next step). He always took the time to explain the science if I wanted it (I’m nerdy about this topic!) and anecdotal experience to give me a full picture of what to expect or what’s possible in every situation.


Would you recommend working with Dr. Gerstmar to other people?

I would, especially if a holistic approach is new to them and they’re serious about making the lifestyle changes for both them and their families – knowing these are the hardest part of a holistic approach and you really need tough skin and your support system on board.

Roslyn B.


“I have struggled with hypothyroidism for 15 years. In addition I had continuous gut issues and my sleep was disrupted as well.  

I have seen traditional physicians who treated individual “pieces” of my health, but none were able to really help me.

I found DrG on a Google search. I had been looking for a long time for someone who would help me as a whole person in a comprehensive, holistic manner. 

I really can’t believe the progress I’ve made. I’ve been using his suggestions in conjunction with the prescription medications other doctors have recommended for me consistently for the past 3 months.  

I honestly feel GOOD now for the first time in a long time. I have energy. My gut is CALM. And my sleep is greatly improved.

Honestly, I have experienced such improvement that it’s hard for me to believe. I am so grateful for the excellent care I’ve received working with Dr. Gerstmar

If you really desire total health and quality healthcare, give Dr. Gerstmar a try. He will exceed your expectations with his professionalism, knowledge, and care.”

Deborah D.


“The only obstacle that was a possibility for me in working with Dr. Gerstmar to help my health and my UC was financial.”

I knew that a holistic approach was absolutely for me. I was also in a negative thought pattern, thinking that no one could help me, it just was what it was and I would have to accept it.

What benefits did you see from your work together?

I had more focus, a clear plan, and people in my corner to support me, guide me, and cheer me on. I also discovered things about myself and my life that were a trigger for my health issues that I didn’t even realize.

I loved that Dr. G was so knowledgeable. I had done some research on my own and tried many different things, but he was able to put it all together in a way that was effective, as well as introduce new things.

I had confidence in my health plan that Dr. G designed for me. It took so much pressure off of me to know it all and figure out the “magic” formula. I got REAL results and made significant progress that years and years of conventional medicine, thousands of dollars, and my own research and experimenting couldn’t provide.

Would you recommend working with Dr. Gerstmar to others?

I absolutely would recommend working with Dr.G! He really knows his stuff and explains everything so well. He’s genuine and really does care about people. I felt that I was in good hands, finally!  

My advice to anyone thinking about working with Dr. G, or who are working with him, is to trust in him and in the process and you will get results!  

Tori C.


“Dr Gerstmar has been an incredible resource for me as I tackle some long-term health issues, including anxiety and Hashimoto’s. 

Unlike so many of the doctors I’ve seen in the past, he has taken time to connect the dots in my personal health journey, forming a more holistic approach and understanding of what I’m going through — and what my goals are. 

I’m so pleased to be working with him! I feel confident in his abilities as a doctor, and I appreciate the value he places on well-being in every facet of life. 

I highly recommend Dr Gerstmar!”

Heidi J.





And here is just a bit of the praise for Dr. Gerstmar’s bestseller

The Clear Path to Health

“I’ve spoken alongside Dr. Gerstmar at the Ancestral Health Symposium and PaleoFx, and am pleased to see his voice more widely available to the world. You have in your hands the distillation of over 10 years of expert medical practice. Grab this book, read it, and better understand the simple steps you need to get and stay healthy.”

Robb Wolf

2x New York Times/WSJ Best Selling Author of The Paleo Solution and Wired to Eat

“Dr. Gerstmar looks beyond your collection of symptoms and sees you as a whole, complete person deserving of healthcare that truly supports your unique context. The Clear Path to Health provides you with the tools, motivation, and practical advice you need to adapt, heal, and thrive.”

Melissa Hartwig Urban

Whole30 co-founder, New York Times Best Selling Author

“The Clear Path to Health brilliantly assembles ancestral health concepts in a way that is understandable and manageable for the consumer. Dr. Gerstmar speaks directly to the millions of people who find they don’t feel as good as they used to, or who got a troubling diagnosis from their doctor and are not content to simply treat the symptoms. The book is based on the newest scientific literature along with years of clinical practice, and is one of the best practical guides I’ve seen for taking charge of your own health.”

– Dr. Tommy Wood BA, BM BCh, PhD


“Dr. Gerstmar’s superpower is taking complex topics and making them simple to understand, including the chronic health issues we all face in today’s world. I love that this book is more of a step-by-step manual to health than a pie in the sky essay that I need a PHD to understand. I recommend it for regular people like me that want to get straight to the point and feel better. It’s the same reason I trust Dr. Gerstmar with my own health as my private clinician… he’s down to earth and gets results with his approach.” 

– Jordan Reasoner, 


“The Clear Path to Health is just that—a no nonsense guide that shows you how to achieve the healthy body and mind you deserve. You spend a lot of time with yourself every single day, so you know yourself better than any doctor ever will. Dr. Gerstmar does a great job at teaching us how to heal our own unique situations—because there is no magic pill or a single one-size-fits-all approach. Armed with the information and strategies in The Clear Path to Health, you can get to the root of your health issues and solve them once and for all. This book cuts right through all the misconceptions, modern nonsense and medical misinformation we’re so used to hearing. The Clear Path to Health is going to help so many people find their own path to health and vitality.” 

– Tara Grant, author of The Hidden Plague: a Field Guide for Surviving and Overcoming Hidradenitis Suppurativa 

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